a black goo like substance which ozzes around and steals your things like a n-gg-r
man, i think i might have some big nigslig problems my stuff keeps disappearing.

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  • fap and tap

    where one starts masturbating before s-x and is about to -j-c-l-t-. the man proceeds to impregnate the woman by finishing inside of her. dude, me and my girlfriend were about to do it, i wasn’t in the mood so i just did the ole fap and tap, she’s in for a surprise!

  • a head for

    have the mental capacity for something since the very beginning it was clear that a boy had a head for engineering.

  • smeef

    queef + sm-gm-. when you have s-x with a cheesy d-ck and feel the g-ssy aftermath. i banged a hobo and now i feel a smeef coming on. noun: 1. a nonsense word that just sounds funny a. a pet’s name b. a modern name for a child c. a tourette’s syndrome outburst. 2. a […]

  • russian visit

    the act, having had a surfeit of vodka, whereby one simultaneously spews and sh-ts. crikey, do you remember that time that carl had a russian visit and never made it to that nightclub?

  • girlfriend reward

    when you do something nice for your girlfriend/significant other and they pleasure you in some way hey dude… this guy was lookin at my girls -ss and i told him off and i got a girlfriend reward if you know what i mean

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