a name for a dull haired, speedy, german shepard whos got a goofy stare, and a thick skull consisting of a blue penn racquetball in which she aimlessly thinks about catching off the roof 24/7.
oh no!!!,….. theres nikky…….
a girl with the s-xiest eyes, she can lure you into bed in a trice. a great sense of humor, laid back and very intelligent. but don’t ever think you can walk all over her, she can be a b-tch when she wants to.
s-xual generous nikky
the most laid back girl you’ll ever meet. she may have an excessive amount of energy but she is easily motivated and a very good friend. if you happen to come upon a “nikky” bow down at her feet.
wow! she must be a “nikky” she’s cool as h-ll!
‘nikkys’ tend to be picky.
her name’s nikky? how about picky picky nikky..
nikky is a friend you can always count on. she can be kind of mellow in the evening, and extremely chirpy and bright in the morning. she likes music and using words to express herself. she thinks she has small b–bs. she is, though, a fighter, and can handle any physical or emotional problems that life throws at her. people seem to think she’s somewhat rebellious, though she has good intentions. her family kind of lets her do her own thing, but they can be protective of her. her friends call her prude but her inner s-xuality is dying to come through the surface like a kitten, or a giraffe, or a sloth (you choose). she gets h-rny when people don’t even realize it.
person 1: who’s that chick grinding up on all the guys?

person 2: maaan that’s nikky.

person 1: why is that girl always so glorious and hyper in the morning?

person 2: well daaammn that’s cuz she’s a nikky.

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