an ugly midget who has small t-ts, is terrible in bed and has hair that looks like it was designed by a r-t-rded hobo.
dude a: he did you see that new girl?
dude b: yeah she is so ningrum

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  • belly taint

    the warm, wet, circular cavity on the lower section of one’s abdomen. it is often referred to as a belly b-tton. dude, i was feeling her up and totally accidently shoved my finger in her belly taint. it was sweaty and gross and a total turnoff

  • furrego

    a member of the furry fandom with a dramatically inflated sense of self-importance. sometimes the amount of self-importance is embodied by the size, color, markings, or species of their fursona. the furrego boasted about the size of their fursona, saying they dwarf all the others. #furry #furry fandom #fursona #overpowered #ego #egomaniac

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    1 : an impromptu s-xual encounter when either party’s obligations only allow time for an aggressive f-ck session where each party is only concerned with making themselves c-m as fast as possible and both parties agree there will be no conversation, foreplay or cuddling before or after. c-m and go. 2 :(verb) to stop by […]

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    big -ss mother f-cking giant -ss d-ck and the owner likes to poke it lepretre

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    when vegetarians/vegans get into a fight on twitter; twitter beef but for vegetarians/ vegans -“wow, did you see that twitter beef?” ~”actually it was twitter kale, they were not vegans.”

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