ninja pirate

if one of these existed, he would be the coolest person on the planet. all would bow down to him or be destroyed by his laser eyes.
the ninja pirate practices ninjitsu on the high seas.
a d-mn good maddox.xmission.comknockoff. run by a tenn named thilo, it is definately not at the level of seriousness that maddox’s site is run with. with maddox, it is more……you try and describe it, for words fail me, proffessional. thilo’s page on the other hand hides nothing. it is purely funny and randomized sh-t. great site.

whether you like it or not, you make the call.
thilo is a ninj-pirate
the ultimate hybrid, see also pirateninja

ninja and pirate relationships are forbidden, but when they happen, they can have some mean kids.
ninj-pirates are faster than light itself.
a pirate that is skilled in the arts of ninjary, they can pilfer and slice at the same time. they are terribly sneaking. they have no equals.
that ninja pirate came out of nowhere and slayed 6 people.
composed of the combined awesomeness of both ninjas and pirates, the ninj-pirate is the single most bad-ss creature in existence.
a bunch of ninjas and pirates were fighting over who were the baddest dudes in the universe. the ninj-pirate arrived and settled the argument once and for all.
a guy who i email once in a while and conversate with online. pretty much an interesting guy, but yet a pathetic loser.
mainly because throughout many entries they have showed h-m-s-xual tendencies, thus uncovering themselves to be a complete f-ggot. is the website owned by thilo savage.
i’m going to buy one of those birdshirts eventually.
a ninj-pirate is a combination of both a ninja and a pirate, with the 1337ness of both combined into on e being.
bob says: dude, im f-cking 1337
frank says: what? like a ninj-pirate?
bob says: yeah man, im f-cking invinceble

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