a sneaky type of poo that quickly hides in the shadowy hole in the back of the toilet so that when the person who birthed that poo turns to check, it appears there is no poo whatsoever!
belvedere sampsonite discovered he ninj-poo in 1708 after refusing to believe that all his pushing and groaning had been for nothing.
abe thought someone had stolen his t-rd but francis said its probably a ninj-poo.
a neglectful dog owner who fails to clean up after their dog.
“ninj-poo struck again last night, and now i have a log on my front lawn.”
noun 1. when any person calls another for the purpose of taking a sh-t on the phone without them knowing.

noun 2. taking a sh-t on the phone without their knowledge by masking unpleasant sounds with casual conversation.
1. chris calls john on the phone, they share casual conversation. chris needs to take a sh-t but does not want to pause the conversation. chris covers loud grunting sounds as they chat committing a “ninja poo”.

2. chris and sh-lly chat on the phone when the urge to sh-t comes upon chris. sh-lly does not give the opportunity for a break rather than sh-t his pants chris masks his sounds with a strategically placed loud “i agree or yes perfect” thus committing a ninja poo.

3. a ninja poo begins with the pants doping as the cheeks touch the seat and ends when the sh-t covered toilet paper hits the water or when the toilet flushes if there is no paper. all actions must be preformed on the phone.
this is when you climb into a black bag, get someone to tie it up and the person in the bag takes a sh-t and has to see how long the can stay in there for.
i had a ninj-poo at a s-x party and lasted 13mins 12secs

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