nipple love

when too people love each other so much as to not be able to contain themselves when viewing eschothers nipples
d-mn our love is nipple love

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  • doublew*nk

    what george orwell thought of strava. the sixth event in a private school s-xtathlon. it’s p-ssing it down out there but i’ve only packed string vests and short shorts; the beeb’s medium term forecasts are doublew-nk.

  • type on paper

    when someone is exactly what you would go for in a relationship “you’re my type on paper”

  • cleanuping

    “a noob at minecraft who kills the winner of a good fight” god d-mn! you cleanuping noob!

  • oblig

    a short-hand version of obligatory. it can be used to show agreement or as a stand alone exclamation. friend: hey are you going to the abbey this weekend? me: oh, oblig!

  • skip a heart beat

    when a attractive girl walks by and the guy feels a sensation in his d-ck that feels like skipping a heart beat wow look at her think i just skipped a heart beat skip a heart beat

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