a chant of strange words and phrases.
that was a weird nischant.

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  • human c*mtipede

    a gay orgy party with a bunch of dudes lining up and sticking their d-cks forming a shape like a centipede. quan:’me and some of my guy friends did the human c-mtipede, pretty dank.’ sharkisha:’what the f-ck.’

  • lib trolled

    similar to being rick rolled. but getting lib trolled happens when you make the mistake of responding to a liberal trolls comment in a thread, and then get caught up in a conversation that typically doesn’t even stay on topic. ” wow! i replied to this libabsurdcomment about gun control…three days and 52 posts later, […]

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    to keep things subtle and ” low-key” that girl over there is valley talking so we won’t here about her small party going on.

  • eutaxy

    a good order wow that mix tape has a really good track eutaxy

  • grandissimus

    a latin-esque name for the gigantic dong of a whale. whales are big, so their junk is big too, so big, in fact, that you might describe it as “grand” even. “look at the sailor, called the mincer, who now comes along, and -ssisted by two allies, heavily backs the grandissimus, as the mariners call […]

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