short for n-gg-r. or n-gg-. originally coined by ice cube (or someone from his camp) b/c n-gg- is banned from the radio.
looked up and saw 4 hoes to every niuh.

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    to try and put a certain something into a genre, usually a musical artist janet: ugh! i can’t seem to generize this new band i’ve discovered. are they indie or rock? susan: forget that! i’m still trying to generize this book i bought a month ago.

  • Geneva Convention

    american toilet paper. barack obama: sh-t, the white house is all out of tp. george w. bush: ever tried the geneva convention? it’s real good stuff. barack obama: thanks! where’d you find this? george w. bush: i used it to wipe my tushy every day when i was in the white house. see how good […]

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