nizz means no
boy1:are you comin to dat party tonite
boy2: nizz i gotta watch my lil brotha
to partake in drugs of the opiate family.
rob: did you nizz last night?
anthony: f-ck yea i did, who do you think i am?
another cheltenham word. it basically means “no”
person 1: so how about that test tomorrow?
person 2: nizz to that. it’s chalked.

person 1: that girl is hot. did you get the bocky?
person 2: nizz
no, not happening, no option
dude: do you want to go hook up with these fat b-tches?
dude 2: h-ll nizz
a hot guy, which stands way above the rest. very athletic, intelligent, articulate and charming; the complete package. most males strive to be “nizz”, but unfortunately for them they can only imitate and never duplicate. if you are a true “nizz”, you can get away with lines such as, “i’m the nizz and n-body beats me”…cause it’s true!! nizz is something that you are born into; top of the hierarchy in a caste system.
omg, that guy is the nizz!!!
anything that is good, even half good.
dave: i got 2k today.
sam: ahh, that’s nizz.
a brothers j-zz is called nizz because its n-gg- j-zz.
i just shot my nizz all over her face

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