no diff

1. n. to beat or win with no difficulty.

2. v. to stomp.
superman no diffs almost anyone.

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  • sh*t and rally

    similar to puke and rally, but instead of drinking too much and puking to make room for more alcohol, you eat too much and sh-t your way to more bowel sp-ce. (proudly coined by jennifer cryst at her birthday celebration in 2017) i wanted the cheesecake, so i decided to sh-t and rally.

  • parappa the rapper 3

    something that is impossible parappa the rapper 3 can never exist

  • tasty smell

    when a chick is giving you a blowie and you need to fart, you time it so you fart about 4 seconds before you blow, so she gets the taste and smell simultaneously last night i gave your mom a good old tasty smell

  • malikye

    a kind boy who is very hot. he is perfect but can be a cheater. “wow have you met malikye” “yeah he is so hot!”

  • new slang

    the dopest sh-t. “bruh, this is that f-cking new slang”.

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