No harm, no fowl.

“no harm no fowl” is the follow up to the detective series “in harm’s way”. this time, in what some cynics have called an “obvious network ploy to revamp interest in an ageing format”, we see harm paired with a psychic chicken to solve crimes in a sleepy german town. whilst the pilot notably featured tv’s john nettles, this turned out to be the high-light of a somewhat lackl-stre follow up to a novel first series. rumours of a big-screen adaptation were dashed when it emerged that method actor al (alan) pacino (set to play harm) refused to work with the adam sandler (“the chicken”) unless sandler continuously ate chicken until he actually became a chicken. alan was caught shouting “you are what you eat” at sandler whilst repeatedly ‘clucking’ at the comic veteran. “it was a step too far” commented director christopher nolan. “i don’t even like chicken” said sandler, and added “he was very close to my face, and his breath was not so pleasant – like onions, or some sort of dip, garlic mayo maybe”.
did you see “no harm, no fowl.”, this week, i think it’s going to get cancelled.
everything turned out all right in the end, so now i don’t have to give you a chicken. only applicable in text-based situations.
don’t worry about it, no one died. no harm, no fowl. -hide bird-
#chickens #misspellings #awkwardness #cliches #intentional mistakes

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