No Nut November

a challenge akin to “no shave november” except that in this challenge, an individual must not m-st-rb-t- for the month of november. you can, however, engage in s-xual intercourse with your girlfriend or wife during this time period, if you have one.
“are you going to be partic-p-ting in no shave november this month?”

“no man, it’s all about no nut november”
the unfortunate time of year when a man’s ability to get with women sharply decreases.
possible explanations include but are not limited to:
-the increased stress of school and upcoming exams
-women becoming bored with the same guys that have been hitting on them since late august
-the coincidal of no shave november
guy 1: did you lay any pipe this weekend?

guy 2: naw, man, i haven’t had any luck. must be no nut november…

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