insignificant person
who’s this little n-bsh-t?

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  • objection

    phoenix wright’s bold statement whenever he believes a witness to be lying their pants off. girlfriend: “but honey, i never cheated on you with billy!” boyfriend: “objection! that sticky white stuff on your shoes clearly contradicts your statement.” a word often used in the ace attorney series when one objects to something. it is usually […]

  • shysheonna

    is a beautiful raget friend she is independent and lovable hi shy’sheonna is the best make the boys run to her shy’sheonna just stoped a bully form bullying me

  • qi han

    a stupid guy, however he could be nice occasionally. generally a plebeian, conceited. that qi han is so cute, sad that he has a terrible personality.

  • tennae

    tennae is a type fruit its very sweet and can stab you if u touch the skin of the tennae this tennae tastes great!

  • t*t chunker

    the worst c-nt m-ffin you can find. think about what c-nt m-ffins are then them double that. they are the stupidest c-nts f-ckers on the earth. the dumbest c-ck juggling thunder c-nts you can think of the t-t chunker was saying he doesn’t know how many earths he’s been on.

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