big old negative b-st-rd
shut up nohja

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    an act so horrific it’s punishable by death in 52 countries, and it is illegal to describe and teach it to others in the uk, usa and many more. lol, i’ll give his hole a norwegian squeeze “honey, please, drink driving is dangerous” “shut up and get in the car or i’ll give your mother […]

  • Not a father's day

    a holiday for all non-fathers around the world to celebrate being not a father. to celebrate that moment of happiness when your one-night stand says, “i’m not pregnant!” first lady: i’m not pregnant! president: yes, i declare today not a father’s day! hooray!!! not a father’s day is a holiday dedicated to the celebration and […]

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    notalotash-t comes from the phrase nothing much, its pretty much just a sentence put all together. a-dizzle-hey wat up ken p ken p-hey wats poppin a-dizzle-what you up to ken p-notalotash-t

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    naggyvator: (naggi-vator) noun: the person in the front p-ssenger seat that is nagging you about taking the wrong turn, and other navigational errors/misjudgments. typically female, but known to exist in male form. my wife can be quite the naggyvator on long trips.

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