can’t read
paige’s texts never make sense because she’s nonliterate.

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  • curfew squad

    police who show up to a party around midnight to shut it down. the curfew squad rides around in neighborhoods looking for intoxicated teenagers out past curfew “yo the curfew squad is here let’s roll out the back” name for police officers that arrive to a high school or college party to shut it down, […]

  • prison *ss

    when some d-ckhead acts like monumental t-t so you gotta put a leash on them and prove your dominace so you warn them that tonight theyre gonna become your b-tch oi. shut the f-ck up become i come over there and make you my prison -ss tonight il turn your fat -ss into a prison […]

  • maldonadoed

    to have to place your boss’s d-ck in your mouth in order to remain employed he f-cked up and got maldonadoed. he is still employed thouh.

  • cloutday

    is ur birthday but u a dope person and you finna be lit and turnt. f-ck a gloday my cloutday in 9 more days.

  • zheru

    that one kid with a small d-ck but tells everyone he’s got a six footer. chill bro, stop being a f-cking zheru. zheru defines a cool, hot, s-xy, wonderful, awesome, lovable, smart, awesome, pretty, zai girl. “man i wish i was zheru, she’s so cool!” #cool #pretty #hot #wonderful #awesome

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