“noooob” is a corruption of “noob”, usually typed by noobs. but it’s morally acceptable to type in “noooob” as long as no noobs notice.
hai i is noooob how how do?

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  • nordan

    a n-gg-r hey! look at that n-gg-r nordan! f-cking idiot

  • off the dollar

    used to describe (typically) cheap c-ke done off of a dollar bill in a situation in which other means of snorting are inconvenient. :”hey, want a b-mp?” ::”nah, man, i’m driving.” :”just wait ’till a stop sign, it’s off the dollar.”

  • old bud

    the term ‘old bud’ is usually used in addressing people that you are familiar with. it can also be used in tandem with ‘old girl’. oooooi, old bud!

  • onverwachte snitch

    een snitch die niet of moeilijk te verwachten is. de snitch is platinum in lol, terwijl zijn n-gg- diamond is. chey waarom ben jij toch een onverwachte snitch!!!

  • optimistic trio

    a group of three people who have the potential to create a new, improved squad. “i went out this weekend with sarah and todd, we’re basically an optimistic trio”

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