a term used as a kind of cat-call, derived from the show of pingu the penguin.
the woman sashayed her way down the street and i couldn’t help but noot at her, “noot noot!”
nuts, crazy, insane, or sick
name of a sum 41 song thats used in the fantastic four during a sick or “noots” snowboarding scene
dude! that dunk was noots!
that noots j-panese guy ate 60 hot dogs again.
asking for noots is the backup plan when asking for noodz. if the girl says “wtf no” you can claim it auto corrected “noots” to “noods” and you can say you wanted her noot noots.
guy: noods please
girl: wtf no
guy: soz noots*
girl: noot noo t
friggen amazing sum 41 song. in fact, the greatest song ever
no apologies, i never thought you’d be so easily decieved, now i’ll just hang my head, falling further out of place, while i walk with the dead, with all the lies i can’t erase, i’ll just hang my head… -noots, sum 41
some with no stand out personality what so ever.
did you hear john is dating sarah?!, thats so wierd i’ve never even talked to that kid, hes a f-cking noot.
derived from the comedy central show, south park. in a good portion of the episodes, eric cartman (a.k.a cartman), expresses the desire to, “kick someone square in the nuts!”. however, in a strong minority of the episodes mentioned, a distant southern american accent can be heard. for example, cartman says, “ah will kick yew squaw (square) in the noots (nuts)!” hence, ‘noots’, is just another word pertaining to the t-st-cl-s. also to be used, with punity, in conjuction with the following for direct reference: nuts, b-lls, beans, nards, nads, double plums, sperm compounds, or any number of other words that relate directly to t-st-cl-s. most often used in regards to doing some form of blunt harm to the same.
when cartman found out about a conspiracy by his mother to get him infected with chicken pox: “oh, man! i’m going go downstairs and kick her ‘squaw in the noots’!”

bad drug deal: “yo’ g! that mother f-cker sold me some bad h, man! i’m gonna cut off his noots!!”

s-x and the city conversation: “he was really into it and got really turned on when i started playing with his ‘noots’!”
a short, solitary facial hair roughly a half an inch in length; usually found on p-b-scent males
todd, how long have you been growing that noot on your face?

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