a version of no.
“going to the party tonight?”

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  • ntsa

    internet acronym for not this sh-t again. used when a subject appears over and over. noob-“im new here. ‘sup” veteran-ntsa clean-man im tired of all this racist bullsh-t orko-ntsa

  • nublet

    the ultimate form of being noob,newb,nub, etc. this is lower than being nub. you are half of a nub. if you get called this you are not even worth being called a noob. word came from nub which came from noob which came from newb which came from newbie. this word originated in irc and […]

  • nubblet

    a person with the lowest ranking you can recieve while playing a video game! you are such a nubblet! omg! a midgets appendage which has been removed and has healed forming a nubb or ending. “did you see sean’s mini hands?” “yeah, what is with that nubblet on the left one?” someone who doesn’t have […]

  • redneckizm

    an alternative belief, a person or persons who often of poor educational ability, living in trailers, who follow a life of low moral standard and often identify themselves as ‘red necks’, but are similar to ‘chavs’. they are said to study or be a student of redneckizm. i guess you believe in redneckizm.

  • frekingspect

    adjectival noun – a feeling of awesome admiration for someone or something. verb – to admire someone or something deeply. verb – to demand respect when it is duly deserved. 1) i frekingspect polar bears! 2) ya feel frekingspected? 3) show some frekinspect to yo mama!

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