applicable only to western australia.
north of the river.
swan river.
‘job wanted, nor position…’
cool,smart and easy to love. great with all relationships and is a loyal friend. great hugger and great kisser. she has lots of friends and sometimes people get jealous of her. she’s also the greatest at sports or any other physical activities.
i wish i was like ‘nor’!
‘nor’ is practically the best at sports!
the pr-nounciation of the word no by the people of bolton
dad, i said dad, nor!!!
acronym for “nipples on ribs”. meaning a flat chest on a thin girl.

the description of an a-cup bosom on a svelte woman.

the nonexistent mammary glands on a scrawny woman.

e.g. olive oyl, calista flockhart, lara flynn boyle
guy #1: hey mena sevari was hot in american beauty!
guy #2: yeah she was… too bad she had nors!”
guy #1: yeah man….i know what you mean..
guy #2: no, i liked thora birch’s sweater cows instead!
boolean logic operator that is equivalent to an and function with all of its input values inverted. it has the following truth table:

x y | out
0 0 | 1
0 1 | 0
1 0 | 0
1 1 | 1
x nor y = (not x) and (not y)
stupid biotch who should always suck c-ck…………….and toes
nicole you are a nor!!!!!!!!!!!

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