normal conversation

conversations involving topics of a socially acceptable median.
billy: “hey jimmy, hows your family?”

jimmy: “they are doing good, hows everything with you and yours?

billy: “great, they are great! did you like the new star wars?”

jimmy: “h-ll ya, what did you think bill!?”

normal conversation being defined by majority, majority of individuals perseption of avarage conversation.
a conversation of a socially acceptable topic/nature.

a common conversation.

a frequently used topic of socially acceptable standards used to converse with a broad audience.
billy:”hey jimmy, hows the family?”

jimmy:”good, thx for asking. hows you and yours bill?”

billy:”great, doing great! you have a chance to see the new movie?”

jimmy:”ya, it was bad -ss!”


sal:”whats the weather looking like tomorrow?”

a normal conversation is the social median as defined by the majority as being avarage.

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