North American

a demonym used to refer to someone from either the us, canada, or mexico.
canadians are north americans, americans are north americans, and mexicans are north americans.
adj. / n. canadian.

usage note:

this is a technical term frequently and exclusively used by many canadian politicians and businessmen to refer themselves being as good as americans, if not better.)
a: our company is one of the best north american companies.
b: i knew you are american from the way you speak. are you from the north part of america?
a: no, to the north of america.
b: oh, you are canadian.
a person who resides in or hails from the usa or canada. this term is only used by canadians, who use it in order to feel like canada and the us are part of the same thing while most us citizens tend to forget about canada. canadians use this term with total disregard for the fact that the continent of north america also includes the nations of mexico, belize, nicaraugua, costa rica, panama, etc. but the people who live in those countries aren’t, you know, white.
lcd soundsystem: “we are north american sc-m.”

usa-type person: “so… you’re canadian, then?”

lcd: “ummmm”

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