northern hemisphere

“dude, have you seen alison’s northern hemisphere?”

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  • billie eilish

    billie eilish is a 15 year old pop singer from los angeles. she creates amazing bops with her brother finneas. person 1: “this is a bop!” person 2: ” it’s billie eilish.”

  • cleveland curveball

    to throw or pitch ones fecal matter at an unsuspecting bystander. “hold my beer, gonna give the next person that walks by a cleveland curveball”

  • catch some shade

    when visiting a nudist beach, intending to view a lot of the local “wildlife”. i went down to holkham naturist beach last weekend to catch some shade, my eyes were popping out my head!

  • fritz blast

    when you -j-c-l-t- s-m-n on someones back, then clean it off using hand sanitizer james fritz blasted on onto anthony’s back then called him an uber

  • brandy snap

    when your spit roasting a brown girl and both blow your load at the same time, pull out and let the baby cream flow out both ends, resembling the popular snack brandy snaps. oh bro do you remember that time we brandy snapped that how?

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