Northern Hick

the rare type of hick, redneck, and hillbilly located in the northern u.s.a. they have very close family ties to the soutern united states. they don’t have much of a southern accent, but can fluently speak and comprehend it. they do not hang a confederate flag in fear of being shot or arrested. most northern hicks are located in the states of washington, oregon, and idaho. they live in cities with a population or about 20,000. the cities are usually mostly composed of these northern hicks, so most people around there are wearing plaid and overalls. northern hicks do not own a rusty old truck that they drive around, they have the biggest truck you can buy, but it has to be very clean. northern hicks are truly the same as the original hick, redneck, and hillbilly, at heart, but their ways are set back by the cruelty of the city life…
northern hicks can be called a “sophisticated” version of the southern hick.
basically someone who wants to be a “hick” or from the south. some who have actually came from the south and kepted their southern ways. they are mainly located in iowa, oregon, or idaho, living in a small town. try really hard to be a hick, a lot of the time over dose things, just to look like a hick, like be racist, when most of them down south loves black people. i dont believe in a hick unless they are truly southern!!
northern hick
usually someone with the name sam, lives anywhere above georgia. likes black people
sam is a northern hick, says emmitt

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