i went to norwich a few months ago and i’m telling you the girls round there were gorgeous! think it must be because its the biggest place for miles around and attracts all of east anglia’s stunners. just a shame that it is such a pain to get to. can drive to leeds in the time it takes to get to norwich from london.
norwich was england’s second largest city in the middle ages, with its prosperity based on strong european export markets for the region’s agricultural products.
a college which exemplifies “h-ll frozen over,” located in northfield vt that prides itself on its ability to create frighteningly skewed male to female ratios, host m-ssive sausage fests, impersonate various braches of the us military, and play host to a lost, purposeless group of students, commonly referred to as “civis”, who are simultaneously the source of the school’s student abuse and financial stability. a place that no one would ever want to visit, especially considering the numerous foam dance parties hosted on campus. furthermore, one of the few places where sledding will, undoubtedly, produce serious injuries in even the brightest of its students. overall, a nasty place that the sun never shines on, the snow never leaves, and icy cold celebacy rules with an iron chast-ty belt.
s-x kills. come to norwich and live forever!
an acronym of the phrase “‘nickers off, ready when i come home”. as used in a bbc radio show “just a minute” in 1979
queen victoria wore her knickers in sandringham, which gave rise to the word norwich, standing for “‘nickers off ready when i come home”
name one reason why i came here.

norwich unviersity in middle of no where vermont. an interesting campus where you will see things you didnt think possible.
football team who seem to be dragging themselves out of trouble at the last possible minute
hey dude, match of the day is on
i wanna see norwich beat man u
an alternative name for a ladies front bottom.
fancy a sh-g ? f-ck off, your norwich smells like it fell of a scarborough fish wife ; why don’t you support west ham like your brothers ? f-ck off dad, don’t be a norwich
a glorified reserve officer training corps in which the sole purpose of every individual is to earn both the right to wear a pair of thousand dollar boots and the right to walk on gr-ss.
bill is a senior in the norwich university coc and paid for his thousand dollar boots yesterday so he can walk on the gr-ss today!

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