when your slightly stupid and make mistakes a lot
jeez your such a nosborry

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  • herb wh*r*

    a b-tch who smokes everyone’s weed without returning the favor. kathy’s such a herb wh-r- ! i don’t like smoking her up!

  • bielka

    name technically meaning little squirrel – common name for little white dog in russia i decided to name my little white dog bielka in honor of my dear friend from russia

  • czaria

    a girl that kicks -ss. dude! that girl is a total czaria, she just shotgunned three beers!

  • asiafrica

    a combination of two continents: “asia” and “africa.” used by ignorant fools who failed 3rd grade geography. teacher, addressing her cl-ss: now, can anybody tell me where zimbabwe is? cl-ssmate: ooh, i know this one! teacher: alright, then. tell us. cl-ssmate: the country of zimbabwe is in asiafrica! teacher, to herself: sigh…why is murder illegal?

  • coppers helmet

    head of p-n-s. copper is british slang for a policeman, their protective hats are bell shaped i don’t know how the soccer player didn’t score from that position. i could have put it in the net using my coppers helmet!

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