an introvert, a calm, friendly, loving person. very interested in what happens to her friends. very faithful and loyal. the dependable one, who will stick out her head for the ones she loves. normally makes a great girlfriend and prospective future wife. very sensitive and emotionally fragile, and can easily get hurt. works hard at everything, takes stuff seriously, but knows when and how to relax too. can be pretty laid back too. loves reading, singing and listening to music. gives great advice, and normally plays the “mother” among her friends. has a fairly great relationship with god. a gift from god to the world!
that girl is a cl-ssic example of wife material. she’s such a nouna!!

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    a mean jerk!!! a french word. commonly used as a last name. very unusaul. and most times very idiotic. he will hurt your heart. beware of lizotte he is such a lizotte. yeah dude!

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    anti-semitic the kike-bashing neo-n-z- would let himself down, by not doing drugs.

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    dropping the kids off at the pool. taking a dump. when someone takes a long inconvenient sh-t, typically at a party. last night during a board game, denton was cleaning the dog and prevent the group from finishing the game.

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