coming from the spanish words “novio/novia”, meaning “boyfriend, girlfriend”, nov is a shortened way of referring to a loved one or someone special.

can be used loosely as a noun (most often), verb, and even adjective.
“i missed nov today.”

“what a nov.”

“not a very nov thing to do.”

“nov one like nov.”
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north of vag. a term coined by one of jim wendler’s friends. being north of vag means not being a p-ssy and getting things done.
i stopped reading men’s health and started using 5/3/1 to train so i am now officially nov!
some one is novice in actions that they do.
your so nov.
one who is, at any given moment, in the state or condition of being a novice. can be used as a noun or an adjective.
that -ssclown who tried to pick a fight with me was such a nov.

this party is so nov, let’s go somewhere better and rage.
nov: respectfully declining someone’s request. the origin comes from saying “no” and showing the peace sign with two fingers. it means “no man, but peace and love”.

the “no” part comes from the word “no.

the “v” part represents the two fingers in a peace sign.
dude 1 : “yo man, give me all your fill in blank

dude 2 : “nov, man. nov.”

use “nov” to respectfully decline a request or to disagree with someone’s argument.

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