a novos-xual person is someone who can’t work out what their s-xuality is, and is constantly changing their mind on what gender they are attracted to. novos-xuality is different to questioning; questioning s-xuality is going through a phase of trying to work out who one is attracted to, whereas a novos-xual will feel like and identify as h-m-s-xual one day, then polys-xual the next, and bis-xual another day.

side note: novoromantic is a thing too; it is exactly the same as novos-xual, except with romantic attraction, rather than s-xual attraction
novos-xual person: i’m pans-xual– like, i’m attracted to all genders.
other person: i thought you were a lesbian?
novos-xual person: so did i! however, i feel like gender doesn’t matter in a relationship; the only thing that should matter is love.
other person: the other day, you were all “ew boys” “girls ftw”
novos-xual person: -shrugs-

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