NPR and Chill

having someone come over and wearing gl-sses with no prescription. looking smart as f-ck, then f-ck-ng the sh-t out of each other while ira gl-ss’ smooth–ss voice helps you keep a rhythm.
hey girl, put on your favorite wayfarers and get over here, this american life is on in 10…we gonna npr and chill.

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  • pacoochin

    when your friend is more interested in getting girls than hanging with his friends; also being p-ssy whipped. “is joe coming to watch the game tonight? ” “nah he’s f-ck-ng pacoochin again. he’s with sara.” “f-ck bro. he’s so whipped.”

  • pinch of minnow sh*t

    very small amount of sh-t used in an expression. he ain’t worth a pinch of minnow sh-t!

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    when you don’t shave yo sack( ball sack) after a long period of time and the hair on the sack(ball sack) grows back thick and pokes you in yo p-n-s ( male gentalia) bruh….. i got major porcupine sack! my side b-tch be complaining ’bout my porcupine sack!

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    when you are both pretty and adorbs. oh my gosh..the dolphin looks so predorbs with its colorful skin and cute smile

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