not really
i’m nrly feeling good
#not #really

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  • sitting on a brick

    when your d-ck is hard as sh-t. i can’t move, i’m sitting on a brick cuz. #brick sitting #d-ck #hard

  • milky tuna

    milky tuna is another word for stank fishy old p-ssy i ate this girl out last night and she tasted like milky tuna. ##p-ssy

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    a tendency to partake in bouts of knowledge-seeking; an almost obsessive “indulge(nce) (of) an interest”(eli dourado, “‘binge learning’ is online education’s killer app”). this is often within a field in which one already had a strong interest, but may also include seemingly random facts or topics. can take the form of watching a collection of […]

  • aettune

    v. to harmonize with the poetry of your soul. forsaking convention, and maybe even some nagging from her well-intentioned family, she started anew and aettuned to a path which fed her deepest p-ssions.

  • berniebot

    a dumb-ss who supports bernie sanders, but writes stupid comments on hillary facebook pages. oh d-mn, there’s another berniebot on this hillary supporters’ page!

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