national society of i don’t give a fricking f-ck
jessica: you look really dumb in that.
lucy: nsoidgaff

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  • Nuclear Peach

    when a mans huge p-n-s, demolishes a nice soft p-ssy. girl 1: ” omg! i had the most roughest s-x last night!” girl 2: ” well at least you didn’t get a nuclear peach last night, my v-g-n- feels terrible!”

  • Nalyssa

    one direction’s niall horan and girlfriend alyssa’s relationship name. they are the perfect two. person 1: did you hear the lastest news about nalyssa? person 2: yes, they’re so cute together! person 1: i know, right?! person 2: they’re my otp.

  • Narbone

    when you use a cooked microwave pizza to m-st-rb-t-. this works best when the pizza is rolled up and placed around the p-n-s. after using the pizza pie as a warm v-g-n- proxy, the culprit removes the s-m-n ridden snack and puts it back in the freezer. vin: jack, did you get that pizza from […]

  • narrowsburg

    a small town located on the delaware river. it is home to a surprisingly large amount of h-m-s-xual men. the only source of entertainment within a 30 mile radius is the honesdale wal-mart (see honesdale) bob: i am gay. where should i live? sam: narrowsburg!

  • nas face

    1)nasty face. 2)someone with a face so nasty you don’t want to look at it anymore. ashlee: eww, that guy is such a nas face! britknee: tell me about it, he probably has b nips aha.

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