nowhere to be f-cking found.
and the state was ntbff!

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  • Nunsy

    1. to act nun-like. 2. a onsie for a nun. 1. “you look very nunsy today.” 2.”where’d you get that nunsy!?”

  • nutball soup

    the act of urinating in a woman’s mouth, then dipping your t-st-cl-s into the pee filled mouth. d-mn, charlie nutball souped that girl so hard last night!

  • Nut Bunch

    when a guy wears to tight of jeans, his nuts get all bunched up. the male version of a female camel toe. man, i love my new skinny jeans, but they give me nut bunch!!

  • nutcracker suite

    a guy’s home or apartment after the woman in his life has oppressively decorated and furnished the entire place in her own girly style, effectively emasculating him. dude, what’s up with the pink curtains and teddy bears? aw, my wife turned the whole place into a nutcracker suite.

  • NAFB

    nasty -ss fat b-tch marc “yo look at that fat -ss girl!” nick “yeah, she is a nafb”

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