a d-ckhead who’s low-key smart but annoying. he’ll make fun and roast you a lot
ntsika! suck a d-ck

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  • transcum

    a term used for people who believe you need dysphoria to be trans/you can’t be transgender without some type of dysphoria. i don’t have dysphoria, and that transc-m stephanie decided to tell me i’m not really trans *uwu*

  • milk donkey

    when a girl milks her nipples while lactating. into their partners b-tthole last night, jennifer did the milk donkey on me and now i can’t stop squirting milk out of my -ss

  • addisyn

    a person with a deciving smile. very funny, with lots of friends. cant take life seriously. “she is definatly an addisyn!”

  • trinae

    trinae is a person who is always trying to be a sl-t and always f-cks with guys and is a d-ck hopper trinae is such a hit she always be flirting with everyone

  • send an x

    something useless -ssholes put as a caption on a post on their instagram or (mainly) snapchat accounts to get a headcount of who actually pays attention to them, alternatively to see who “really cares”. originated on a highschooler’s snapchat story, late 2017. nathan :“dude, did you see tyler’s story? ‘send an x’ bro.” javier:“ion pay […]

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