nude strip

when someone strips naked for a guy/girl. strippers usually get asked to do this because of their body & looks.
aye! give me a nude strip!

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  • nucest

    nucest;verb: a form of incest which only exist in the form of s-xual photographs know also as “nudes” jimmy takes act in nucest with his step mother.

  • randude

    a random guy or dude. i can’t believe you hooked up with that randude from the bar last night.

  • oculus c*cksoculus

    like the oculus rift, the oculus c-cksoculus is a virtual reality system that provides euphoric sensations to men’s p-n-ses. the oculus c-cksoculus is also used as a battery and the test subjects used in these vile experiments are drained of their very life force as you experience constant busting of nuts on an hourly basis. […]

  • pine nut

    when your f-cking a girl in your car and you use the air freshener to get rid of the after s-x smell we are totally gonna pine nut tomorrow.

  • technogility

    the ability to make technology work. his high level of technogility makes him an excellent choice for chief technology officer. or, my 92 year old mother’s low technogility prevents her from making use of a tablet.

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