general r-t-rd at life. expresses hate towards pigeons and ethnicities other than caucasian. often heard talking bullsh-t that no one wants to hear.
yeah he’s a josh nugent.
the ability to pound a 30 by yourself…with no help at all.
i pulled a nugent last night and ended up in the emergency room
a beautiful, faithful maiden who has amazing discernment when picking a good man.
wow that girl has such great taste in men, looks like she pulled a nugent!
1.verb. to defecate in ones pants in order to avoid responsibility.
2.noun. the deposit of fecal matter left in a garment as a result of defecation to avoid responsibility.
1. he decided to nugent rather than attending the funeral.
2. the dry cleaners refused service because of the nugent found in the customers clothing.
the whole male reproductive organ (wiener and b-lls).
“my nugents! you kicked my nugents!”
“kick him in the nugents, cheap shot.”
“my nugent went hard.”
“dood, i can see your nugent!”

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