nasty and ugly
“ew, n-body wanna mess wit a nugly b-tch
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nugly can mean a variety of things. the most common is “n-gg-r-ugly.” it can be used to describe people on xbox who play all of the “n-gg-h” games such as midnightclub:la, halo, and gta. nugly can be used to describe that guy who is just a complete idiot on occasion to the point that you want to kill them. the uncommon definition is “gayest of the gay” or just ugly with an “n” in front of it. it also refers to your adams apple.
guy 1: hey man, you wanna go play some halo?
guy 2: naw man, your such a nugly.
guy 1: omfg, i just got accepted into my community college!
guy 2: f-ck you, nugly b-tch.

guy 1: i am so raging right now!
guy 2: i am going to punch you right in the nugly.
n-gg-r ugly
d-mn the boy is nuggly!
a combination of the words nasty and ugly.
d-mn that chick was nugly!
short for “not ugly”, since “notugly” sounds ugly, too.
so when someone is the exact opposite of ugly, he or she is nugly.
a: am i ugly?

b: what? no! you’re totally nugly! you look good!!
term for a male who is napolean dynamite ugly. overall, dorky, weird and a big loser.
that dude is so nugly i want to bust out my nunchucks and beat him with ’em.

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