everything you will ever seek for, everything life can offer you.
nukaiya is everything.
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  • flow as fuck

    chilled and just goes with the flow, but doesn’t get caught up in the flow. stays flowing. flows endlessly. she’s flow as f-ck

  • french sushi

    when the guy sticks his d-ck in rice and then f-cks the girl cooking the rice and then making sushi with it after let’s make some french sushi

  • mordog

    a teenage boy who makes poor decisions and says unintelligent things. look at that mordog over there using the band saw. don’t be a mordog! buy the domain for your art blog

  • mendelling

    1.the act of f-ckery in real life situations.; when one f-cks up. 2.mendellioop is a form of mendelling when one asissts another in f-cking up. ex.1 the mechanic mendelled my car. now i need a new one. ex.2 is that gun shots? somebody’s mendelling! ex.3 who got the number for the reggie man? i can’t […]

  • zipcy

    zipcy is the type of love you feel when you feel physical pain in your heart because of how strongly you feel towards someone. thinking about them causes aching in your chest because your love for them is so great it feels bigger than your soul. usually a love which lasts a lifetime or feels […]

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