when something is unbelievably delicious. copyright (hamlet fasliu)
that peach nectar is h-lla nummy, hombre.
mmmmm.. that cake was nummy!
wow that was nummy!

that is totally nums
nummy is a cooler way of saying awkward. you can also express the feeling of awkwardness with “nums” for short. no, nummy does not mean “tasty,” as you might think. it is nummy that people think that…
“that kid thinks nummy means yummy”
“nummy, breh!

“wow, didn’t those two just break up, but now they’re best friends?”
“totally nums breh!”
when you rub cocaine on your gums, should feel a numbness sensation in your gums and mouth..and sometimes your whole face.
“i is high and sh-t…got me the nummies!”
1) good eats; something yummy.
2) satisfaction.
nummy nummy nummy
i’ve got love in my tummy.
what a breast feeding baby gets to eat.
my daughter looks hungry. i will give her some nummies.
the numbing feeling you get from licking cocaine.

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