a stubborn idiot
stop being a numna and take a pregnancy test.

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  • smoking that gas

    smoking marijuana (weed) guy 1: bro i’m so high i’ve been smoking that gas guy 2: wtf is that guy 1: i’ve been smoking weed

  • think sphincter

    the metaphorical controller of speech which stops you enunciating every thought you ever have. melissa’s down fall was a loose think sphincter as she told the boss he was putting on weight…

  • firef*x

    the world’s smexiest web browser. for a more serious definition, see firefox. i’m going to go boot up firef-x to look up algorithms for solving 3rd degree, 4th order inh-m-genous linear pdes such as (((du/dx)^2) – ((d^4u/dy^4) – ((d^2u/dz^2)^3 )))= ((x^2)-(y^2)-(z^2)).

  • under rubber

    under rubber is when you stick your d-ck or strap-on in a condom dont worry baby…im under rubber.

  • mungara

    the greatest n-gg- in america clear the road mungara is coming

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