term used to describe a huge load of s-m-n. often the result of prolonged length of not shooting a load, a nutbomb is often an overflow of s-m-n from the man’s b-lls or n-ts-ck.
i finally scored with lisa last night after several close encounters. when i came, i filled her up with a m-ssive nutbomb.

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  • dived

    a kiwi slang term used to describe a downward trend. man: yo dove, did you see that stock market? man 2: ya na man: yeah bro i reckon it dived man 2: b-lls

  • kratenstein

    a midget who often carries a stool with him everywhere he/she goes. there goes kratenstein lughing that stool

  • nasal drip

    the act of a man -j-c-l-t-ng into the nasal cavity and allowing it to run down through the nose into the throat. hey bro… did you really give that girl a nasal drip?!?!

  • 5m

    slang for $10 i bet 5m on the mcgreggor/mayweather fight

  • one eyed grease box

    a bad -ss mother f-cking b-tch with a nice p-ssy and one eye i was at the pool when this one eyed grease box showed up.

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