nutted butted

presumably, can be defined as the result of introducing your b-tch as wifey and therefore it can be derived from the statement that we know she sl-ttin’. this is the second result in a three step process which proceeds as follows-
1) breaking a brick down
2) nutting and b-tting
3) making a n-gg- be duckin’
using this information we can now shorten the list down and figure out that nutted is used to describe a man j-zzing, and b-tted is having s-x in the -ss otherwise known as -n-l. according to the evidence “nutting and b-tting” is the act of -j-c-l-t–n but doing it in the -ss.
1. introduce me to your b-tch as wifey and we know she sl-ttin’
broke a brick down, nutted b-tted, now that n-gg- duckin’
– by migos bad and boujee 2016, verse 2 quavo

2. i nutted b-tted your b-tch, now watchu gonna do about it jamal

3. yo thanks for giving me your b-tch, loving nutting b-tting her

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