a bad b-tch that gives no f-cks
get you a nyaisha

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  • cuzao

    pessoa de má índole e/ou pouca confiança. usado como ofensa. joão é tri cuzão #cuzão big -ss or -sshole in brazilian poutuguese. “voce e um cuzao “. you are an -sshole. #babaca #mane #safado #filhinho de papai #dedo duro brazilian slang for -sshole. it is very offensive! seu cuzão, tu fudeu minha vida! you -sshole, […]

  • feminent

    feminent (female-gent.) termed to be used appropriately in public relations when referencing an entry sp-ce for the female and male gender, their s-xuality, and preference. feminent (female-gent.) says a place for the female may also be shared with the male gender sharing the same feminine preference and characteristics.

  • half hunter

    a male or female who is attracted to or pursues people of mixed races. bryan: d-mn, tommy is a half hunter, he only goes for lightskins

  • c*ntsideration

    when your v-g-n- is considering its options. such as s-x. gina: would you let brad finger you? lily: i’ll take that into c-ntsideration.

  • bob marley's t*t mouse

    a mouse that lives in a t-t, but this one is specifically bob marley’s. wow did you see bob marley’s t-t mouse? yeah that’s a really ripe one!

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