an expression of distress when one knows they’ve just messed up.
-drops a pan while trying to be quiet and it makes a really loud noise, alerting everyone.-
the expression that one of the the three stooges would make.
ooh a wise guy? nyak nyak!
#nyack #stooges #sounds #expressions #three
the mating call of the phil, to nyak one puts there arms like they would do the chicken dance, flaps arms up and down furiously while shouting nyak. it’s gets b-tches like nothing else
”dude that chick is hot how the h-ll did he get her?”
”he walked up and yelled nyak like a spaz.”
#mating call #nyak #swag #b-tches #phil
an abbreviation for ‘cognac’, used frequently by rappers.
“i take a sip of that ‘nyak, i wanna fuuuuuuuck” – really doe, ‘we major’
#cognac #brandy #rap #alcohol #kanye west

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