not your best one
after a (really) bad joke
– (stupid joke)
– nybo bro

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    the amount of retweets you have from four pins. wow jimmy really has four clout tokens?!

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    when you complete a project and email it off for sign-off to all of the required departments, and the marketing department b-tch takes it upon themselves to “reply all” with an initial compliment, followed by a withering attack on as many percieved mistakes as they can find. then of course, they will finish said email […]

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    a g-y -ss ,emo ,fat, racist ,c-ck loving white mexican hey dude that neoz kid sucks d-ck with his eyeliner on.

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    to bounce off the bullet richeted

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    the combined feelings of inferiority and insignificance. i feel insopheria.

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