the name nydia means a safe place or nest. for example, if you’re new in town nydia will usually help you find a crack house where you can get your fix at discount prices. nydia also usually has zynormous (yes – that’s even bigger than ginormous) br–sts where you can hide when the pigs bust you inside the crack house. also, the origin of the name nydia is latin – it’s what folks speak in vatican city, but by no means is nydia a saint or virgin. in fact, during the crusades women named nydia were known to use their zynormous br–sts to lure pagans to christianity.
for example

dude 1: man, watch out! nydia’s going to squeeze the jesus juice out of you!

dude 2: if she uses her zynormous br–sts to convert and kill me, i’ll willingly die a martyr.

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