new years eve
i’m having a new years eve party!
the last name of bill, best known for his contributions to the field of televised science.
“hey, bill nye the science guy is on!”
“sweet dude!”
originally a variant of “yes”, used to express joy at something unbearably s-xy. came from people’s inability to type when they were so erotically excited.
“did you see that guy’s abs????”

a noncommittal response, somewhere in between ‘no’ and ‘yes’.
mike: “hey fred, want to go play in traffic?”

fred: “i’m going to have to say ‘nyes’ to that.”
an overally exagerated lie. total and absolute embelishment.
1. this dude is allways exagerating, he is such a nyer.

2. son! you did not invent the sp-ce shuttle!! stop nying!
the ‘thom ford’ way of pr-nounciating yes. a very common phrase in england started by thom ford
gay,bent,bender n-y-e nye
shut up nye you complete bender

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