a beautiful, loving, caring, smart girl who can be dramatic at times but will always stick by her friends through thick and thin. always is pulling all the guys u know how it is 🙂
d-mn there goes nyiah

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  • wabbity

    to feel unwell, not up to par. northern english slang. i am feeling a bit wabbity

  • bekah please

    when someone named bekah is being a smart -ss. bekah: makiah why are you so white? makiah: bekah please

  • simge

    simply amazing that simge is amazing

  • bread is delicious

    a known fact. it is. bread is delicious.

  • poisonous c*nt

    a person who talks to all and sundry in negative and demeaning tones . not a nice person at all glenn is a really poisonous c-nt he always talks bad about people

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