scary as h-ll, tough, will fight a n-gg- in a heart beat, amazing, beautiful, best friend a person could have and always looking out
nyshakeria is like the best person ever!

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  • type fatty

    when a -ss seems fat one day, but other days it may seem flat. it is not a positive, nor a negative word. guy 1: her -ss was so fat yesterday, now its flat guy 2: yea, she has a type fatty

  • d*cksheep

    someone with a weak s-x game. jared is a d-cksheep, his girlfriend hasn’t finished the past 3 weeks.

  • sh*t shill

    like a cl-ster f-ck man this game is a sh-t shill

  • the thin white duke

    a david bowie stage character. an alter-ego perhaps. the thin white duke was the face of the 1976 ‘station to station’ alb-m. bowie described the duke as ‘a very aryan fascist type – a would-be romantic with no emotions at all’. the duke was also bowie’s last stage character, but easily one of the meanest. […]

  • ovulate

    your girl is getting h-rny “get ready to ovulate.”

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