a real -ss n-gg- that eats a lot of p-ssy.
did you see him?

yeah man, he’s such a nytavia.

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  • unload the toad

    when someone unload’s tahm kench in league of legends. “i have unload the toad!!”

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    a rude and often brash person who may or may not be a criminal but only a minor criminal. may refer to someone who is traitorous. this term comes from the actual act of biting plates, which can be a rude act especially if you are a guest in their house. hemsworth stole nearly ten […]

  • The Abyss

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    for a girl with an -ss bigger than slim thick all this f-cking money bring the finer things ey slim hopity doo with your cute -ss

  • Manser Fucked

    when you’re so f-cked up you either p-ss or puke (or both) on yourself and your friends. inspired by the manser twins. “dude, are you manser f-cked yet?”

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