j-panese for new zealand
nyuujiirando is j-panese for new zealand

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  • n3kk3d

    naked look at her, she’s n3kk3d!

  • naffa

    to sh-t in an inappropriate place. peter did a naffa in my kettle last night 1 more definition a big fat guy who is at an adult age who still lives with his mum and smokes weed. also has ginger hair d-mn you dont wanna be like that guy naffa

  • naizeby

    to have a naizeby – smoke or to make the superlative of something. see naize “do you want to go for a naizeby?” “no way dude, that sh-t kills” “man that was naizeby!!!” “mate, that is exactly what the girls all said”

  • nallivy

    a supa-f-ggot. =] somebody who is r-t-rded. giving oral s-x. s.t.d. your such a nallivy. lol


    1. greatest word ever 2. lolololol 3. can be used in awkward situations you wish to avoid. man: hey, i saw you from across the bar and thought i’d.. girl inturrupts: nangpang.

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